The majority of cars are fitted with air con systems and climate control systems as standard now a days. Many people are very familiar with the use of air con systems on hot days but not everyone seems to know that like other parts of your car your air con system needs regular servicing and attention.

You may not be aware but over 10% of your air con gas is lost every year which means it is not working as efficiently as it should be which is why we advise that your air con system is re gassed and lubricated with every service.

This service is not part of the Alfa service schedule although we believe that the Alfa service schedule is the very bare minimum necessary to maintain your car in operational condition and adhere to warranty requirements.

We provide the air con service as part of our Autolusso premium service which is a much more thorough service and includes using Valvoline oil rather than the standard Selenia oil, as well as the changing the pollen filters in the car.

The air con service includes carrying out a vacuum leak test, adding PAG oil and air con decontamination prior to re-gassing. We use UV dye when re-gassing the air con system because this way if for some reason your car develops a leak it is then a lot easier to find where it is leaking from.

This process will also include a system de-bug to get rid of any bacteria in the system and will also remove any unpleasant odours.

The air con re-gas process will be carried out by one of our many trained technicians. Air con systems that are not fully re-gassed will be less effective and will put more strain on the engine which then causes the car to use more fuel so it is a good idea to have your car re-gassed whenever it is in for a service.

Although most people know the benefits of having a fully functioning air con system in the summer it may interest you to know that it is also very important to have the system working during the colder months of the year as well. During the winter the air con will create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside the car, this means it will de mist your car a lot quicker.

If you are interested in having your car booked in for a premium service or a air con service please call us on 01582 869560 and choose option 3 for the workshop.