Alfa Romeo V6 GTA Built to Order

Here at Autolusso we understand that sometimes buying a new car can be stressful and a bit of a gamble as you never really know what else you might be needing to spend on your new car. Over the years we have seen time and time again that our customers will go and find a 'bargain' GTA but once it has been fully inspected and test driven it would appear that the car needs further work which in most cases can be quite costly. Because of this we have decided to offer a GTA built to order service, where you will leave here with a car that you will be happy with.

What is involved?

Because of the reputation that we have built up over the years, we only sell cars that we know and can put our name to, because of this we have to ensure that these cars leave our premises driving and running absolutely perfectly. Please see below for a list of the work that is included in our built to order sales cars.


Rebuilt Engine

We rebuild all of our engines in house and we take care in doing so. We are meticulous in preparing our rebuilt engines, and whenever we carry out a full rebuild on a V6 engine, the following work is always done:
Crankshafts are sent to our machine shop and fully inspected to check for imperfections. Polished and ground where neccessary.

Cylinder heads are sent to a specialist cylinder head company where they completely dismantled, and skimmed to ensure a perfect seal on the block.

All valves are resurfaced and lapped to ensure a gas tight seal with the valve seat.
Valve guides are checked and replaced if there is any damage (damage occurs if the cam belt has snapped, causing the valves to be bent where they impact with the pistons).

Once rebuilt, the head is pressure-tested.

Engine blocks are carefully inspected for imperfections or cracks.

Engine bores are cleaned, checked and re-honed to allow efficient bedding in of the new piston rings. 

All of our V6 rebuilds will come fitted with powder coated engine components which can be done in what ever colour that you would like. Some like to keep the car looking as standard as possible by choosing to go with the silver and red combo where as some like to stand out by choosing eye catching bright colours, the choice really is yours (please see the slideshow and / or facebook for more photos of previous engines we have done). 


Whilst the engine and gear box are both out of the car we will replace clutch and flywheel.


All of our GTA's are built to standard. We will replace any suspension components that need doing such as lower arms, upper arms, drop links, anti roll bar, shock absorbers and springs all round. If you are looking to upgrade the suspension to something after market / modified such as the Eibach Pro Street S kit or the Bilstein kit then we are able to supply and fit this at an extra cost, but we will only charge for the parts, no labour charge.

Silicone Hoses

We have developed silicone hose repalcements for the coolant systems and induction system, these will be used when building your engine. We can even try and make the colour match your engine bay.

Radiator Replacement

As most damaged V6 engines have suffered with head gasket failure at some point in their life we believe it is very important to always include a new radiator as part of our built to order service.

Thermostat Replacement

We will fit a new originally thermostat to all of our V6 engines.

Cam Belt and Water Pump

Every engine that leaves our workshop is fitted with a new cam belt which has been timed up correctly using the Alfa Romeo locking tools (NEVER TIPEX) as well fitting a new water pump at the same time.

Air Con

We will perform a full air con system service which will consist of pressure testing the system to ensure that there are no leaks, completely re-gassing the system using only the correct amount of gas and disinfecting the system to ensure that the system is clean and working as it should.

Wheel Bearings

We will provide the car with a thorough check over including making sure that the wheel bearings are not rough or causing any noises.


Front and rear calipers will be sent off to be refurbished in what ever colour you would like before fitting front and rear discs and pads using Pagid brakes although we can replace the front brake pads using Performance friction brake pads if this is preffered. As part of this service we will also change the brake fluid.


We will replace any tyres that are needed using Nexen Tyres but if you have a particular preference in brand we will be able to source and fit these for you but at an extra cost.


We will carry out a full service of the vehicle replacing filters and providing a thorough check over of the car. For more infomation on what is including in our servicing please visit our service page.


As part of this service we will ensure that the car leaves here with 12 months MOT and will carry out any work that is necessary in order to do so.