Autolusso Giulia


Autolusso are pleased to annouce the arrival of our 2.0L research and development Giulia.
Alfa Romeo have released 3 variants to the UK market;
  • 2.0 Turbo Petrol 200 BHP
  • 2.2 Turbo Diesel 180 BHP
  • 2.9 V6 Twin Turbo Quadrafoglio 503 BHP
Although a 2.0 Veloce Petrol 280BHP is available in America at the moment and there are plans to bring this model to the UK later in the year. 


Our Aim

Like most of you, we were eagerly awaiting the Giulia and we have been doing a lot of research prior to its arrival.

We understand not everyone has got £65,000 to spend on the QV model which is why we are looking to improve and get the most out of the 'lesser' models.

With any make / model of a car there is always a few inherent problems which you can either get used to repairing or you can look at fixing permanently, we like to choose the latter option. Which is why we decided to get a car as soon as possible in order to really get to know the car and work out what are going to be the best and most worth while modifcations / repairs. 


What Can We Do? / What Are We Currently Working On? 

Power / Re-Mapping (AVAILABLE NOW) 

The 2.0 Giulia comes as standard with 200 BHP but after looking into the specification of the turbo, fuel injection system ect. we are have successfully mapped the Giulia to 320BHP. We also offer a 'Veloce' style remap which takes your standard 200BHP to 320BHP.
The 2.2 Diesel model comes with 180 BHP but with some good levels of torque which like the petrol will be very tuneable. We are already able to get improvements of about 40 BHP to this particular model. 

The Quadrafoglio comes with a very impressive 500 BHP as standard but we are able to offer remaps for this model as well if you feel the need to go faster than 0 - 60 in 3.9 seconds we will happily assist you with this.


DNA Mode Remapping (COMING SOON)

Like the Mito and Giulietta models, the Alfa Romeo Giulia comes with the choice of three driving modes Dynamic, Normal & All Weather. 
We have previously been able to offer separate re-maps for each of the DNA options giving you the oppertunity to have a 'normal', 'eco' and 'performance' mode, this is a service that we are looking at providing for the Giulia. 

Quaife Differential

Autolusso have always had a strong working relationship with Quaife and we are already working with them again in order to supply limited slip differentials (LSD) for all the Alfa Romeo Giulia models.
The 2.0 and 2.2 models come with a standard open diff so will certainly benefit from the Quaife upgrade, this is not just a performance upgrade it is also for realibility. We have fitted hundreds (if not thousands) of the Quaife differentials into various Alfa models from 147 JTD's to 156 GTA's fitted with a sequential gearbox and we have never had any issues. The QV comes with a Q2 diff fitted as standard but we will always say that the Quaife diff is the best money can buy. 



Powerflex Suspension (COMING SOON)

The Alfa Romeo Giulia appears to have gone down a completely different road in comparison to some of the earlier models when it comes to suspension set up, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Alfa have opted for a dual wishbone set up on the front of the car and various bushes to control the rear of the car. 

We have already started working with Powerflex and will be developing bushes to not only 'future proof' the suspension but to improve and fix any issues before they become a problem (The Alfa Romeo 159 / Brera / Spider were particularly bad for this, the lower suspension bushes were too soft and caused lots of tyre wear and handling issues).




Shocks and Springs

Eibach are very well known in the motoring world and for good reason.
Springs are known for breaking especially on the bigger heavier cars so it seems only sensible for us to offer Eibach replacements for the Giulia. All Eibach products come with 5 years guarantee.
There are several products already available for the Giulia models such as Pro Street coil springs.

We understand that not everyone will be looking at changing their set up straight away but we like to be prepared for when you do, which is why we have been working with Bilstein about various options that will be available for the Alfa Romeo Giulia models.



The Giulia is very new on the scene so there are not many complaints at the moment but we have already heard a few groans regarding the lack of noise that you get when you put your foot down in the 2.0 and 2.2 models. Because of this we are working with the guys at Wizard exhausts to help develop a back box as this seems like it is going to be a very sought after modification and should be easy enough to fit.

The 2.2 diesel model comes with a dual exit exhaust back box where as the 2.0 petrol is limited to just the one.

We have got a some rear diffusers on order as the dual system does give the car a sportier feel adn this means that we will be able to offer a dual exit back Wizard back box for the 2.0 petrol models. 



Traction Control & Start Stop 

The Start / Stop function is a very marmite feature on newer cars, some people seem to like the idea of the car being smart enough to turn itself off where as others find the function a bit pointless. If you are in the group who don't like this then you will be disappointed to know you can not automatically turn this feature off, fortunately we have the equipment to adjust the software and do this for you. 

Although the Giulia is easily tuned you are unable to go on the rolling road with the traction control switched on and there is no button to turn off inside the car, which is why we have developed a 'cheat' which allows you to switch the traction control on and off as you wish. 


Exterior / Wheels

From past experience of both ourselves and a large group of customers we understand that the dealerships don't always get your order done quite how you want it and sometimes your taste changes from when you order the car to when it arrives. 

If you are looking at giving your Giulia the QV look we are able to offer wheels for the models where this was not an option from factory. 

We can now supply the red ignition start / stop button found in the Quadrofoglio models. For a fitment assistance guide please click here

We are working on several exterior mods such as chrome plated wing mirror covers.

If there are any other modifications that you are interested in but we have missed out please do not hesitate to contact us.