• Diesel Injector Testing - £30 (This does not include labour to remove) 
  • Diesel Injector Reconditioning - £100 

​Here at Autolusso we have the equipment to not only test your diesel fuel injectors but we can also clean and recondition them too.

All of our injectors are ultrasonically cleaned, tested, reconditioned if needed, and fully guaranteed. All injectors are tested and reconditioned in house using our Merlin S4000 automatic common rail injector testing bench which is designed to test Bosch, Denso. Delphi and Siemens Injectors to ensure they meet the manufacturer's specifications.
All of our injectors also come with a full print out of the injector's specs and how it it performed during testing.

If an injector fails the test to begin with it is then stripped down and has the following components replaced if needed, which includes but is not limited to:

  • New Seals
  • New Ball Bearings
  • New Nozzles
  • New Shims
  • All injectors come with 12 months warranty and unlimited mileage.

Faulty injectors can cause the following issues

  • Starting issues (Cold or Hot)
  • Poor idle
  • Misfiring
  • Down on Power
  • DPF Issues (Later cars such as 159's Brera's Mitos & Giulietta's)
  • Diesel Leak Back
  • Poor Economy
Bosch InjectorsAutolusso Tested and Reconditioned Fuel InjectorsMerlin S4000


If you have any of these issues then there is a strong possibility that you have a fuel injection issue. A common cause of injector failure is due to the injector being clogged or dirty, this is because of the carbon build up restricts the fuel flow rate and causes the injector to under-perform. injectors are also prone to wearing out.

The sale price of this injector also includes a fully refundable surcharge of £35.

A full surcharge refund will be made on condition your old diesel fuel injector is returned to us within 30days of your purchase, fully intact and complete. Full compliance will ensure you receive your whole surcharge refund. All surcharge refunds will be paid into the account from which they were originally purchased,

1.) All diesel Fuel injectors must be returned to us within 30 days of invoice / receipt date.
2.) All diesel fuel injectors returned must be like for like and complete and un-dismantled condition (i.e unit must be complete with all parts attached and no physical damage to the injector).
3.) The unit must be drained of fuel and placed in a secure plastic bag and may be repacked in the box in which your replacement unit arrived.