Tyres, 4 wheel alignment and geometry

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  • 4 Wheel Alignment: £120 +VAT
  • Additional charges may apply if any components are seized
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It is vital, for reasons of both safety and performance, that the wheel alignment of your car is checked regularly. This should be done annually in any event, but also if you hit a kerb with a wheel, if you notice that your tyres are wearing unevenly, or after any suspension work has been carried out on your car. Steering and suspension wear can also affect your wheel alignment, as can driving too fast over speed humps and potholes.

Improving Safety and Efficiency

Regular wheel alignment checks will help to:

  • Minimise tyre wear
  • Optimise the handling and cornering of the car
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Improve braking
  • Help keep the car safe to drive

Older cars used to require no adjustment to wheel alignment apart from the tracking of the front wheels. This was carried out using a simple mechanical jig which used mirrors to check the alignment of the front wheels. Unfortunately technicians at many tyre and service centres still believe that this simple check is all that is required.

Independently-Adjustable Suspension

Modern Alfa Romeos and other high-performance cars have complex independently-adjustable rear suspension systems. When correctly set up, these allow the car to perform and handle much better than a car with a traditional rigid beam axle system.

Even if the front wheels are correctly aligned, the car will not perform properly unless the rear wheels are also in alignment, and tyre wear will be uneven.

Bosch FWA 4650 Four-Wheel Alignment System

Autolusso's workshop is equipped with the latest and ultra-sophisticated Bosch FWA 4650 fully computerised wheel alignment system. 

With modern wheel alignment equipment by Bosch, our workshop can adjust the relevant components with precision and deliver exact steering wheel alignment, great ride comfort and safe road-holding characteristics for your car.

Faster and better measurements

Simple operation and convenient adjustment illustrations save time, and maximise precision and repeatability.

Our wheel alignment measurement delivers precise readings: toe (individual and total toe), toe-out on turns, axle angle, camber, castor, king pin angle, wheel setback, wheelbase difference, side offset, track width difference and axle offset.