Silicone hoses

(prices inclusive of VAT)

Over the years we have seen many Alfas here at Autolusso and so we have become aware of the common faults they hav, one of which is the rubber hoses. These hoses become contaminated with oil and are then seriously weakened, which eventually causes them to split, usually causing the car to lose power. Because of this we have developed a much stronger, more resistant and more attractive set of hoses that fit the Alfa Romeo brand.

We can supply these hoses in a variety of colours, such as the ones you can find on our online shop (red, blue and black). However, if you are looking for something a bit more individual or have a specific colour in mind then we will do our best to source this for you.

The hoses that we have availiable are:

We are able to supply and fit these in our workshop:

  • Lower Turbo Hose (fitted and Inc VAT) £85.00
  • Upper Turbo Hose (fitted and Inc VAT) £95.00

Or you can find all of our silicone products on our online shop.

If you require any other assistance with hoses or need a specific colour please call us on 01582 869560.