Oil sampling service

£60 inc V

£60 inc VAT 

Born out of a need to minimise oil servicing on machinery that runs 24/7, and in order to reduce time on wasted oil changes (without the risk of neglecting essential maintenance), oil sampling became a fast and cost effective solution. Oil sampling provides the ability to see, in a chemical breakdown, the actual state of any given oil.

Here at Autolusso, we have taken the procedure and adapted it to suit our needs, enabling us to give our customers as many answers to their questions as we can!

Often we come across failed components that have not long been installed, and the overwhelming question is always why has it failed again? With oil sampling, without the need for any dismantling, we can see exactly what is in your oil, and if its a cause for concern.

With a detailed printed analysis of the oil, we can see the chemical components. With this example, you can see the elements highlighted in red which shouldn't be there!

As opposed to the following example, which shows a pretty much perfect oil sample!

We regularly use this facility in our workshop when we are looking at cars with suspected head gasket failures, suspected over fuelling, gearbox issues and general running issues.... in fact any type of fluid related issues can be checked using this method.