Key programming

(prices inclusive of VAT)

We can supply a new key for your Alfa Romeo, whether you have lost your keys, or the dog has eaten it, or it has just seen better days!

New keys range in price from £165 - £275 (plus the code) depending on the model.

Due to the security aspect of ordering keys for cars, we have a procedure in place which we adhere to at all times. It is as follows:

You call and enquire about a new key, we take your registration and chassis number. With this we can then obtain a quote for your key and code specifically for your car. We then take payment for the key upfront (due to the fact the key will be useless to anyone else).

To order a key we will need the following from you:

  • V5c (log book)
  • A form of identification

The lead time on keys is 5 days. Once the key and code arrive, we make an appointment for you to come to us and have the key programmed into your car - YOU MUST BRING WITH YOU ALL KEYS FOR THE CAR any keys not present when coding is carried out will be permanenty deleted from the system, which will remove any worry about lost keys.

If you have lost your keys entirely and have no spares, once the new key arrives we will need to recover your car back to Autolusso (at a cost of £1 per mile + VAT). The new key will open the door enabling us to programme it - until it is programmed it will do no more!

We do not charge a fee for programming the keys to your car.