Each exhaust is hand crafted in England by the same technicians who create factory systems for the highest profile race series on the calendar, including the British Superbike Championship; and each is race proven.

Half Systems

Want to extract a little more power from your car? A half system is the perfect compromise, leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and bolting directly to the OEM system. Most of our half-systems delete the centre silencer, for improved gasflow and sound, but leave the car fully road legal and MOT ready.

Rear Silencer

The perfect first mod for any vehicle, or those looking to keep on the right side of a new car warranty. Our extensive range of hand-fabricated back boxes are precision engineered here in the UK to offer a perfect fit onto your OEM exhaust, as well as most quality aftermarket systems.

Sports Catalyst/De-cats

A catalyst is a key component in emission control. It is also the most restrictive component of an exhaust. Our Sports Catalysts increase the gas flow while maintaining filtration rates. Our decats simply replace the catalyst altogether for the ultimate flow rate.


Wizard Exhausts are hand crafted and do not only look beautiful but they sound beautiful too, this is the exhaust system that we highly recommend at Autolusso

Wizard are able to supply exhaust systems, manifolds and much more. Each exhaust is hand crafted and manually checked to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Wizard Exhausts was co-founded by Autolusso's very own Dan Cunningham who some of you may have had encountered when dealing with our used parts department.

If you are interested in a Wizard exhaust system for your car please either give Ned a call on 01582 869560 for more infomation or you can contact the guys at Wizard directly by messaging them on their facebook page.

We do not stock Wizard exhausts so you would need to purchase the system directly off of them but we are more than happy to fit.