Cambelt failures

(prices inclusive of VAT)

    • 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Twin Spark - from £940
    • 1.9 16V JTD / JTDm - from £940

Twin Spark

The cambelt interval on these engines is 3 years or 36k miles whichever comes sooner. Unfortunately, this is sometimes overlooked and we see many engine failures as a result. Very often these engines are repaired "on the cheap" and then 500-1000 miles following the repair suffer a big end bearing failure. We always renew the big end bearings to prevent this happening. We will strip and re-build the engine in situ using the following new parts:

    • Cambelt
    • Tensioner
    • Idler pulley
    • Reconditioned cylinder head
    • Head gasket set
    • Balance shaft belt (2.0 only)
    • Big end bearings
    • Oil and filter change

This failure can easily be avoided by changing your cam belt on time.

Engine repair following a cam belt failure (Twin Spark TS) 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 16v: from £940


It is becoming apparent that the 147, 156, 159 and GT diesel engines are starting to suffer water pump failures which is causing the cambelts to fail prematurely. If you have full service history you may have a good chance of compensation from Alfa Romeo UK. If they are not willing to help you or you don't have a full service history we offer the following service;

We will strip and re-build, using the following new parts:

    • Cambelt
    • Tensioner
    • Idler pulley
    • Water pump
    • Cam carrier gasket
    • 4 x Injector seals
    • 16 x Rockers
    • Oil and filter change

The good news is that this is the only common engine fault we see with this engine, which is otherwise very reliable. Rarely seen other problems can be easily avoided by bringing the belt change forward.

Engine repair following a cam belt failure (JTD engines) 1.9 JTD and JTDM 16v: from £940