Air conditioning servicing
(prices inclusive of VAT)

Autolusso has the equipment required to service all air conditioning systems. With our new Konfort 712R air conditioning charging and maintenance station, alongside our Konfort K650 charging and maintenance station, we are able to service air conditioning systems with both the new R1234YF refrigerant (obligatory for newly homologated vehicles in Europe) and the older R134A refrigerant.


In summary, the air conditioning station works through a step-by-step process;
  • Current refrigerant and PAG oil, along with any contaminants, are removed
  • System is vacuumed and leak tested
  • 10cc of PAG oil and 10cc UV dye (leak detector) are introduced
  • System is filled with the correct quantity of refrigerant
Air con re-gas and service with R1234YF refrigerant: £200 inc VAT
Air con re-gas and service with R134A refrigerant: £90 inc VAT

Here at Autolusso we are also experienced in repairing faulty air conditioning systems in most makes and models of car, so please contact us to make a booking